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3 Clements Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1BA
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13/12/2009 Review from visitor Mina Overall rating 7/10
  Great music, good space to dance, only problem is that there seem to be more guys than girls! Staff are friendly and security is good.  
25/11/2009 Review from visitor diana Overall rating 8/10
  thats a great thing they started launching that russian nights on saturdays. i just love them. as i'm russian myself used to travel to raduga before but its nice to have really cool club locally. music is great, just the only downside of the club is decor but i'm sure they'll improve. love that free shots on entrance.  
05/08/2009 Review from visitor Love Overall rating 10/10
  I went last saturday I loved it! Music was excellent and uy one get one free drinks before 11 and afterwards the drinks were still cheap! shame it shut at 2.00 i didnt wanna leave i'm going back this saturday coming!  
20/07/2009 Review from visitor stacy Overall rating 8/10
  great music glad its reopend...cant wait for thursday....  
22/03/2008 Review from visitor Amy Overall rating 8/10
  Shout, Ilford - Enjoyable night out, had a great time. Drinks a bit expensive but thats life. The only downside was the constant guys all around bugging me and my friends, however the bouncers dealt with it quickly. Great music 2! i would defo go back again!  
18/04/2007 Review from visitor D Overall rating 4/10
  This is on of the best clubs in town i was the manager there andi have now transfred to wood green, ignore the previous comment as he is the DJ who got sacked and he was rubbish anyway ask anyone in ilford and just for a fact the club CO2 THERE IS ABOUT 2 GU7YS THERE ON THE NIGTH HE DJS hint hint  
10/04/2007 Review from visitor Micki Overall rating 3/10
  Hot, Stuffy, Crowded, Sticky floor...The dj?? Hardly impressive, yes he had the latest songs but his mixing was not up to scratch. How can you play slow jams and then jump straight into an upbeat track?? Ok don''t get me wrong, it was an alright night, i mean i enjoyed myself but you have to make your own fun and avoid the old pervy men who should know better.

Also, it is in dire need for some AIR CON it''s too hot in there! Especially with that eating area generating all that heat.

All in all..not an entirely good place to go if you are looking to have a really good time. It''s ok if you just wanna go somewhere just to relieve some stress, unless you like crowded, stuffy places then go for it!!
30/03/2007 Review from visitor ft No rating available
  the staff keep change for tips without it being given to them  
14/03/2007 Review from visitor Suneena Overall rating 8/10
  USed to be chicagos but with the change of music policy to shout it is more of a night club with sound music and a really good looking manager... hint hint.  
24/02/2007 Review from visitor leanne Overall rating 4/10
  i would only go here to have a few drinks with my mates, b4 a real good night out on the town.  
15/01/2007 Review from visitor Asif Overall rating 0/10
  Is now under new management, and can i just say how this place has gone down hill! the new manager doesnt seem to care about this venue. Monday nights (used to be my favorite night) well they have died. possibly due to the incompetant DJ.

The old DJ that used to be there, when there was ques to the end of the road is now playing next door at Co2 bar, (upstairs of bollywoods) on a Tuesday night. which has worked wonders for Co2.

there is no party spirit any more in shout, it left with the old manager.
26/11/2006 Review from visitor Laura Overall rating 2/10
  old smelly, pervy men with long beards, rude people, need i say more?  
24/05/2006 Review from visitor Steve Overall rating 10/10
  One of the best nights ive had out for ages, RnB bashment coming out ya ears.