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Nightclubs - Room at the Top (top of Harrison Gibson's)

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Room at the Top (top of Harrison Gibson's),
197 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1LX
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19/09/2013 Review from visitor jo Overall rating 1/10
  is this place still open?  
06/03/2010 Review from visitor dawn Overall rating 0/10
  what a dive rubbish dj no one was there i would go again if you paid me and the doormen are rude and idions so if you are on here looking for a good night dont go to the room at the top  
25/02/2010 Review from visitor paul Overall rating 0/10
  1 dj is sh** 2 doormen are rude 3 the owner does not care about what people want get a good dj some better music soul motown etc  
20/02/2010 Review from visitor francis Overall rating 0/10
  what a hole the dj was sh** i had more fun in a phonebox bring back the motown guy from last year  
30/01/2010 Review from visitor Richard Overall rating 1/10
  Having just gone through a divorce i went to this club by myself hoping to find interesting friends, met my ex at this club many moons ago when the doormen were mature and knew how to treat customers, I never even got in the place, doormen basically said its couples only, as i walked away saw a group of guys being let in, im not the type to argue with a bunch of doormen on a saturday night so i hailed a taxi and went to siroccos in london. Fab time and I am still will girlfriend i met there. Room at top management read all the above reviews and learn from it, you obviously have an issue with your doormen who are basically idiots in suits. Looks like your business is going downhill fast.  
27/01/2010 Review from visitor Munchkin Overall rating 5/10
  Room at the Top - Decor cheap, toilets haven't changed in decades and no atmosphere to speak of but a nite out is what you make it and we enjoyed ourselves regardless. Bouncers ok but other girls intimidating! Maybe they want a job as doormen they certainly looked 'heavy' enough! Miaow, saucer of milk for table 2! First time we had been and the 'regulars' obviously don't like any newbies. Music quite good, very mixed.Will go again as there are few venues for the over 30's now! Mmmm were we the grannies the other reviewer spoke of.......!  
05/01/2010 Review from visitor Pope-ye Overall rating 4/10
  20 years since I went to that place & its still around - amazing; Guy Richie could make hit film about this place lol  
02/01/2010 Review from visitor Matt Overall rating 1/10
  What a poo hole... fairly empty and the bouncers think there are working for a posh club..  
25/12/2009 Review from visitor Angie Overall rating 8/10
  Lacy club night - Lacy always had a good time, good company, enjoy the music but the doorman do need a lesson in manners rude !!!  
14/12/2009 Review from visitor Millie Overall rating 2/10
  Manager has serious chip on shoulder and does not listen to customer.Facilities bad and door men are basically bullies.Only good aspect Lacy Lady 1st Saturday of month. Wish they would move to a new venue.  
08/11/2009 Review from visitor kazz Overall rating 10/10
  lacy lady's club night - had a fantastic nite there on sat was great ppl were friendly bouncers were fine toilets were a really great nite  
15/10/2009 Review from visitor vikki Overall rating 8/10
  was so not empty the last wk of sept. we go up there once a month n ave a gud larf its wat u make it not whose there. best Dj Ian Leigh  
02/10/2009 Review from visitor carli Overall rating 1/10
  The club was EMPTY last saturday 50 people at the most. The dj was PATHETIC! The music was DISGUSTING! They should bring back dj Darren James the ONLY good dj they have had in the last 10 years. Me and my mates walked out at just after midnight The doorman were friendly and rather embarassed to be working in such an empty venue...  
03/08/2009 Review from visitor Mac Overall rating 1/10
  A complete empty dive !!! Poor music, rubbish DJ with no idea. Give it up & close it down !!!  
24/07/2009 Review from visitor debs Overall rating 7/10
  We went to room atthe top last Saturday. heard it shouted out on Capital FM,not many people there but we danced the night away-Great night  
27/04/2009 Review from visitor Andy Overall rating 5/10
  Great Music, Great Girls, A couple of desperate Granny's so irritating, part from that girls are hot.  
30/03/2009 Review from visitor KT Overall rating 10/10
  We went to Room at The Top - Ilford used to be Penthouse- on a girls night out-slow early but at about 10 pm was busier and we had a fantastic night. One doorman a bit intimidating but would nt put us off going again - DJ even played our requests!  
06/01/2009 Review from visitor chris Overall rating 10/10
  just want to say that there will be a new nite out in ilford soon as the room at the top will be hosting a 60ts/70s club nite soul/northernsoul motown reggae and rare groves  
03/01/2009 Review from visitor Peachy Overall rating 9/10
  Saturday nights can be cheesey here.. not bad for 30+ age group and for those who don't mind a bit of pop BUT the best night here is Lacy Lady's (1st Saturday of each month) it's rare groove - old skool soul, funk etc. (Roy Ayers era) fantastic atmosphere, good music, always packed, 30+ age group. Sometimes it's TOO busy so long waits at the bar. Doormen seem to be friendly enough, smoking area on the huge balcony. Went to Xmas party there which is always THE best one of the year, both rooms open, must've been 1000 ppl in the place and the queue for the lift was huge, (life only holds 8 ppl so leaving earlier than closing time is advisable!) If your feet don't hurt then take the stairs.. 9 floors to walk down. Anyway - Lacys is a top night, give it a whirl  
15/12/2008 Review from visitor K Overall rating 8/10
  Went Saturday 13th December for mates birthday party-Bouncers ok- Ladies room as per other reviews- club not that busy but we started dancing early and floor was still buzzing at 3am ish newish dj there the curly haired one -who we ve seen at another venue- kept everyone motivated- impressive and will return  
03/11/2008 Review from visitor Jody Overall rating 3/10
  AWFUL. Chris Hill needs to stop playing reggae on a SOUL night but he won't be told! The male customers in there leer at you as you go to the toilet which is not pleasant. The doormen are good at their job, they are not there to tell jokes!  
06/08/2008 Review from visitor ann Overall rating 0/10
  absolute awful gone downhill no one in there anymore .... head door man what an idiot the rest no better [edited for language - Ed]  
09/07/2008 Review from visitor Romerro Overall rating 4/10
  Room at the Top - I used to go all the time but frankly it has gone a little downhill. Music is still ok, barstaff lovely. Only one drawback...The Bouncers.. very intimadating and rude. Basically they will be nice to the ladies (if they fancy them) and horrible to the guys. **YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED**  
06/07/2008 Review from visitor Jayne Overall rating 0/10
  Room at the top ilford - Doormen suck and are very rude, music poor and its empty used to be good about a year ago. They had a far better DJ then called Dave, he was brillant  
15/03/2008 Review from visitor s Overall rating 9/10
  good good good....... doorman very interesting.... i dont go often but when i do it's because of them, they seem very nice, polite and sexy.. xx  
15/03/2008 Review from visitor jay p Overall rating 5/10
  doorman needs to be fired.from usa.  
25/02/2008 Review from visitor Paula Overall rating 10/10
  Excellant - everyone is so friendly, including the staff and bouncers. Great atmospher. Only downside is the decor in the ladies toilets.  
10/02/2008 Review from visitor Kev Little Overall rating 4/10
  I am sad to say this club has gone downhill. What ever happened to the last DJ Dave. Bring back the old DJ I say and sort your club out before its too late !  
23/01/2008 Review from visitor eve Overall rating 9/10
  room at the top - decor could be better, friendly staff,doormen always sweet,drinks real cheap,dj so so,but excellent night,give it ago..  
13/01/2008 Review from visitor s&m Overall rating 9/10
  what a great place a nice group of people there never had n e problems with the doormen nice friendly staff its what u make the night u give attitude your gonna get it back always have a laugh and with the doormen tooo  
31/12/2007 Review from visitor Shelly Overall rating 0/10
  Dross hole !!! Music rubbish and nobody there the place was empty. The DJs cant even mix. Doormen are rude and intimidating unless they fancy you. What a sad place. The Head doorman has an attitude problem. Go into the city.  
16/12/2007 Review from visitor Relina Overall rating 2/10
  It was a horrible atmosphere created by large groups of drunken hooligans. The bouncers act like deprived animals and the smell of the building is terrible  
14/11/2007 Review from visitor Steve No rating available
  I am amazed! I was last there when I live in Ilford....and it''s still going!!!!!!!!  
01/10/2007 Review from visitor scot No rating available
  lacey lady reunion @ room @the top - not good dont bother going its full of sad people trying to relive the past  
13/02/2007 Review from visitor linda and hayley Overall rating 9/10
  we loved it great music pepole and we thaught the bouncers were rather sexy decor in ladies chould be better  
09/01/2007 Review from visitor nikki w Overall rating 10/10
  me and the girls love it allways sat night the best ever  
08/01/2007 Review from visitor funkychick Overall rating 6/10
  good atmosphere good service good night out the only thing that let it down was the rudeness and ignorance of the doorman has put me and several friends off of returning otherwise good night out  
26/10/2006 Review from visitor sara michele Overall rating 8/10
  nice place people are friendly. and doormen do a great job greatplace to go for the 30+ age groups  
13/10/2006 Review from visitor Loopyloo Overall rating 9/10
  Fantastic place to go if your looking for a great night. decor used to be old fashioned but after a revamp real fresh and modern, drinks are real cheap and as for the doorman can be a little offish at times (just doing their job so have to look a little scary i guess) but apart from that they are a good bunch of guys.  
08/08/2006 Review from visitor THE GIRLS!!!!!! Overall rating 10/10
12/04/2006 Review from visitor Clare No rating available
  DO NOT GO HERE. The bouncers are unreasonable, pig-headed and stupid. They don''t allow smartly dressed, paying customers into the club because we weren''t mutton dressed as lamb like most people in there, and I hate discrimination!  
03/04/2006 Review from visitor 'question' No rating available
  1st Saturday of the month is Lacey Ladies promotion. Great old soul and funk and a lovely atmosphere. BEWARE THE HEAD DOORMAN HOWEVER PERSONALITY DISORDER!!! VERY RUDE AND THREATENING...  
10/02/2006 Review from visitor Proprietor of Room at the Top No rating available
  From 10th Feb 2006 Each and Every Friday and Saturday Night All Drinks All

Night ?1.50.....

Open From 9pm - 2.30am

Members Free b4 10pm otherwise ?5 before 10pm and ?7 thereafter
19/12/2004 Review from visitor George Overall rating 8/10
  The new look Room at the top is well worth a visit,the fabulous new decor and DJs are a real breath of fresh air.At last Ilford is moving into the big time for club goers.