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26 Apr 2003

  • Remember the Odeon?
    Last year, the Civic Trust was commissioned by the council to make recommendations for the old site of The Odeon. Those recommendations included a single building occupying the entire site which will be a high quality landmark building.

    Conlatuse Ltd has a proposition for the site and are undertaking a public consultation. The proposed building will have 224 one and two bedroom flats, 58 will be affordable and aimed at key workers, a small supermarket and coffee shop. The proposed building will have a sharp pointed profile and Perth Road will no longer exit to the roundabout.
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21 Apr 2003

  • Jazz dead
    A giant owl called Jazz with a wingspan of 6ft went and 20 inches tall, went missing in Valentines Park. The owl, a European eagle owl is the largest species of owl in the world, and has been known to hunt foxes and small deer. The owl flew away after being attacked by crows. A couple of days later it was found dead, savaged by a fox. The owner thinks this happened as the bird was in captivity it preferred to hide in bushes rather than fly up a tree, and when it got dark, the fox got it.
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  • 92 year old completes the London Marathon
    Fauja Singh, the second oldest person to ran the London Marathon this year, broke his own World Record. He did the 26 miles in 6 hours and 11 minutes, shaving 34 minutes off his previous time. He is 92 years old. He came in 22,870th out of about 33,000 runners.
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09 Apr 2003

  • Central Line back on Saturday!!!
    After a lengthy spell out of action, the Central Line finally reopens ALL of its stations on Saturday (but with a less frequent service)
    Full details here.
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23 Mar 2003

  • Woman killed and dumped near Redbridge Roundabout
    Nasty story this is, but a Finnish student studying at UEL was sexually assaulted and beaten to death with a brick near Redbridge Roundabout.

    Her mother possibly heard her being attacked as she phoned her mobile during the attack and heard shouts.

    The attacker was also believed to be behind three attacks in the hour before the student was attacked.

    Read more here.
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